A Plague Tale Innocence Sales Reach A Million, Studio Extends Its Thanks

Asobo Studios made an announcement on Twitter today that A Plague Tale Innocence sales have reached a million copies worldwide. The studio extended its heartfelt thanks as well to all of the gamers who had bought the game and played it. The game originally released in May of last year.

A Plague Tale: Innocence (originally called “The Plague“) is a mixture of a stealth and survivor horror title, telling the story of a pair of siblings in medieval France who are forced on the run from a mad cardinal and his henchmen during the midst of the Black Plague.

Thrust into a battle of survival for reasons they don’t understand, the two siblings must not only find out why the Church is hunting them, but also take revenge for their murdered family. While doing so they fall in with a cast of other characters in their journey to discover the truth.

The fact that A Plague Tale Innocence sales have reached a million is fully justified, considering the game got critical acclaim on its release. Its score currently sits at 9/10 on Steam from over 19,000 reviews, and has likely performed just as well on its other platforms (Playstation 4 and Xbox One).

While the actual game is a bit more fantastic than simple horror over the plague and the imagery it brought, it’s still an amazing romp to go through if you have some money and around ten or twelve hours to kill. The game is also currently 66 percent off on Steam, making it less than 20 dollars.

It might even be especially apt to play right now, considering the coronavirus that is still raging around the planet, forcing many people to stay home, wear masks outside, and wash their hands, habits that would be quite useful in a plague environment even in medieval France.

Once again, you can contribute to the A Plague Tale Innocence sales by buying it on Xbox One, Playstation 4, or for PC during the Steam Summer Sale.