Will A Ranked Mode Really Save Bleeding Edge?

Bleeding Edge has a major problem and which stems from a lack of incentive for players to keep investing hours into the game. The recorded player-activity on Steam has been abysmal since launch and safely put, the same dwindling player-counts are probably being witnessed on Xbox One as well.

The players who are still supportive of the game though believe that developer Ninja Theory just needs to add a competitive mode. Having a ranked or ladder system will give players an incentive to keep playing Bleeding Edge and hence, help retain and grow the player-base, at least in theory. The idea has surfaced before as well when Bleeding Edge was launched without a competitive or ranked mode. The same idea has now been pegged to save the game before its death.

The only problem is that the same line of thought was picked up by Gearbox Software for Battleborn as well. Comparisons between Bleeding Edge and Battleborn have often surfaced. The irony being that Bleeding Edge is following the same grim path as well. Gearbox Software ended up pulling support for Battleborn a year after announcing the ranked mode. Hence, just adding competitive features will unlikely fix the problem of Bleeding Edge. Ninja Theory will need to do more and soon.

There is a silver lining though. Battleborn suffered for an entire year before Gearbox Software began making changes. Bleeding Edge is only three months old, which gives Ninja Theory an opportunity to tackle the situation quicker.

Bleeding Edge on Steam saw an average of just 25.6 monthly players in June and an average of 39.3 monthly players in May. The only month that saw the best player-activity was April, basically the launch month of the game, and even that recorded a measly average of 125.2 monthly players. The game has only seen an all-time peak of 828 players on Steam, which was 61 concurrent players on average last month.

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