Playstation 5 Backward Compatibility Works With Second-Hand Discs

New clarifications on how the backward compatibility feature of Playstation 5 emerges. According to a popular Japanese source, the upcoming next-gen console will not only support Playstation 4 discs but second-hand ones will not cause any restrictions either.

The news comes from, whose editorial team reached out to SIE regarding the Playstation 5 backward compatibility. A representative reached out to the team responding that if you have a PS4 disc, you’ll be able to play on PS5 as well. In a previous iteration of the program, concerning Playstation 3 and 4, you needed to pass the disc certification on the original platform in order to pass the game over to its successor. The representative says:

“Similarly to PS4, we will support PS4 titles purchased second-hand if you have a disc”. In the PS3 version → PS4 version upgrade program, I was able to play the PS4 version after passing the disk certification of the PS3 version, but when I asked if it would be such a specification, “I will wait for more details, so please wait” (Rough machine-based translation)

What you might have missed in the previous weeks is the amount of PS4 games being available on Playstation 5 through backward compatibility. Apparently, there will be more than 4.000 games available to play, meaning that not all discs will be compatible with the console. However, the representative claims that those games, when available, will be playable at higher framerates and better performance.

However, this is something to the build that developers have already implemented. In any other case, it falls to their duty to add enhancements to the existing games.

There’s no set release date for PlayStation 5 yet. However, with its launch window being roughly 6 months ahead, we can already start building a library with PS4 games. At least we know now that most of them will be worth a lot more for our collection in the next few years.