Neill Druckmann Can’t Wait For Naughty Dog Playstation 5 Games

Naughty Dog has only just released The Last Of Us 2, and already creative director Neil Druckmann is excited to see what Naughty Dog Playstation 5 games end up coming out in the future. Much like many developers, Druckmann is most excited about the Playstation 5’s SSD card and the potential it has.

The Playstation 5’s SSD will be able to help developers break free of the many constraints that they’ve been under at the tail end of the console generation as game technology has improved and graphics have also gotten better.

While this allows for games that look better on their consoles, the increasing size of games to fit all of this in often results in corners having to be cut to make room. Without the restraints of the Playstation 4, games can expand further and contain more content.

At the same time, Naughty Dog Playstation 5 games will be facing a double-edged sword. A new generation means new technology that has to be developed to keep games moving forward graphically and technologically.

The Playstation 5’s SSDs will be helping games on the Playstation 5 in a big way, mainly by not only helping along rendering but also nearly completely eliminating load times, a feature that was greatly touted by multiple personalities when it was first unveiled months ago.

The Playstation 5’s official reveal event has also shown us the sort of graphical quality we can expect from many games like Horizon: Forbidden West, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, the Demon’s Souls remake, and more, and they all look amazing.

All of the huge environments that we’ve seen in those games will all be visible like never before with the help of the Playstation 5’s SSD. Considering how big The Last Of Us 2 was, Naughty Dog Playstation 5 games might also be similarly big, and we may see how much it changes if The Last Of Us 2 gets ported to the next generation.