Square Enix Files Trademark For “Voice Of Cards”

Square Enix has just filed an intriguing new trademark that might give us a hint as to a new title that they’re developing. The trademark, which is for something called “Voice of Cards”, doesn’t have any specifics, but there’s no franchise title attached to it, so it may be a new game.

Square Enix is no stranger to card games, developing titles like the card battler Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, a Final Fantasy digital card game, and others. Whatever this new trademark is referring to will hopefully be good as well, though until we know more we can’t really say.

The trademark, which you can see here, was filed all the way back in January, so it’s likely been worked on for at least a month or two by this point. One might think that the Summer of Gaming would be a great place to show it off, but we won’t know until we actually see anything about it.

The best possible option of us seeing anything about Voice of Cards will be if it makes any kind of appearance during the Summer of Gaming at all. Square Enix announced that they wouldn’t be having a specialized conference, and would only be doing individual announcements.

While this isn’t much of a substitute to not having a dedicated Square Enix conference this year since E3’s been cancelled, it may be that Square Enix doesn’t have that much to announce this year. Most of their big releases, including the FF7 Remake, Crystal Chronicles remake, and more are either already released or very close.

Platinum Games is working on Babylon’s Fall for them, but there hasn’t been much said about that game either. Since the trademark for Voice of Cards was only filed in January, there’s also no specific guarantee we’ll be seeing it during the summer either.

Either way, hopefully Square Enix will make it something people will want to play whenever it does come out.