Did Kojima Just Tease Death Stranding 2?

With Death Stranding done and dusted, apart from the upcoming PC release, developer Kojima Productions may have already set eyes on a potential sequel.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, studio head and game director Hideo Kojima made a series of tweets to share his designing process of a new game. The inclusion of a giant BB from Death Stranding in the middle of the first photo could have meant just about anything or nothing at all. It was the second photo though that started hinting at the possibility of a Death Stranding sequel.

When the second photo is rotated, the spaceship-art drawn on the top-page can be seen to have “Bridges” branded on the side. The said company was core to the Death Stranding narrative as its porters were the ones who braved the breaches and terrorists to deliver suppliers to the cities, alongside performing various tasks for the government.

That being said, the artwork could be just doodles. For the sake of speculating though, Death Stranding could end up releasing an expansion pack, or a sequel, or see Kojima Productions investing resources in another game entirely.

Kojima has previously expressed an interest in returning to the drawing board for another Death Stranding installment. However, at the same time, he outlined a few requirements and wishes of his own that would be necessary for a sequel in what Kojima Productions has been touting to be a new genre.

Death Stranding 2 will firstly have to start from scratch. Kojima will naturally be borrowing core elements from the original but a second game will have to offer something different in its own capacity. Secondly, Kojima is very interested in working with actor Norman Reedus again on another project. Hence, if a Death Stranding sequel happens, he will want the Walking Dead star to return as well.

Kojima Productions will now be releasing Death Stranding on PC in July, which will feature a high frame-rate and support for ultra-wide monitors. In addition, the game will be using the controversial Denuvo anti-tamper technology as a safeguard against the menace of piracy. Furthermore, Death Stranding on PC will feature partial controller support, meaning that some parts of the game will require the use of keyboards or mice.

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