Square Enix Promises To Announce New Games Soon

Square Enix has set plans to finally break radio silence and make multiple announcements in the coming months for new and upcoming games.

During a shareholder meeting earlier in the week, Square Enix stated that there are several pending announcements (via DualShockers) in the pipelines for new projects. The publisher will be making those announcements public between July and August. There was no clarification about whether Square Enix will be hosting an exclusive online event, much like other publishers, to announce new games.

The said announcements were presumably planned for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2020) before the annual convention was cancelled due to COVID-19. Square Enix was hence left with multiple new game announcements. Take note that the publisher confirmed a few weeks back that it would only hold an online showcasing if the games were ready. The notion of avoiding early announcements would mean that the said games are now finally ready to be revealed in the coming months.

There are a few projects that Square Enix is confirmed to be working on. Marvel’s Avengers, for example, will be releasing in about three months. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, a spin-off rhythm game, will be releasing at the end of the year. The second episode of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is also being made. The publisher has also already announced multiple Dragon Quest games in development. Most recently though, Square Enix revealed Project Athia during the PlayStation 5 reveal event.

There were rumors that Square Enix would be announcing a brand new Final Fantasy game at E3 2020. When the show was cancelled, the same rumors pegged the PlayStation 5 digital showcasing to be where the game would be revealed. Project Athia was announced instead, which only brought in further statements that the game should not be confused with the earlier Final Fantasy claims.