The Outer Worlds Switch Patch Coming Soon, Will Improve Performance

Private Division, the publisher of Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds, has announced that there will soon be a The Outer Worlds Switch patch to help improve the game’s performance on the Nintendo console. The Switch port developer, Virtuos, is currently hard at work improving the game for the patch’s release.

While The Outer Worlds released on the Nintendo Switch several weeks ago, it’s definitely inferior graphics and performance-wise to the original game on other consoles. While it still runs well, and looks good for the Switch, Virtuos and Private Division don’t think that’s enough.

Private Division doesn’t necessarily have any other information to give us about the port, but they did say that they’d be notifying the community as soon as more info became available. Hopefully, that won’t be too far away.

The Outer Worlds Switch patch could definitely help the Switch version of the game, especially considering the game’s alien environments are one of its most impressive visuals. Taking place in the future on a system of colonized planets, players must travel to multiple worlds to complete the game’s story, offering a look at multiple different types of terrain.

The Outer Worlds in general puts players in the role of a recently-unfrozen colonist, who must explore this system of planets and end up deciding whether their loyalties lie with the mega-corporation Board that runs the place, or if they want to throw off the yoke of the board and become the system’s new leader.

Seen as a better alternative to Fallout 76 since they both came out at roughly the same time (and was very successful because of it), The Outer Worlds has yet to have any DLC released for it (and may not, as Obsidian hasn’t announced anything), hopefully more people are able to get into the game after the Outer Worlds Switch patch makes the Switch version look better.