Marvel’s Avengers Will Include Purchasable-Only Cosmetics

An unfortunate expectation about Marvel’s Avengers is now a reality. Marvel’s Avengers will indeed include cosmetics that will be obtainable only through purchase. This will make achievement hunters worry less about obtaining all outfits and emotes thus making replayability decline for that fan segment.

The news about some cosmetics being available in Marvel’s Avengers only through the in-game store comes from a War Table stream. During the broadcast, Casey Lynch announced that there will be “outfits only available in our online marketplace” as Playstation Universe reports.

This goes well beyond gameplay and in-game currency. However, marketplace hints the possibility of players being able to trade such items with one another. Nothing like this is confirmed yet, we’re just theory-crafting.

This isn’t a statement that should make players shift away from Marvel’s Avengers. When the game releases, it will come packed with free content as well as post-launch additions.

Also, none of those cosmetics will impact gameplay. Skins will only adjust your superheroes visually and won’t influence the outcome of PvP battles.

For now, we have only confirmation about two ways to obtain cosmetics in Marvel’s Avengers. The first way is by playing the game, as you might expect. We don’t know what exactly we’ll need to do in order to obtain skins and cosmetics. Will it be mission completion, achievements or specific story missions that unlock them?

We only know that there will be several different skins for each character. Also, some of those will be available only through the in-game store as purchasable items. Square Enix has already confirmed that there will be no loot boxes in their upcoming superhero title, so that’s one hopeful turn.

Marvel’s Avengers releases on September 4th on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. Its rating is T for Teen and a new leak suggests that its Deluxe Edition will sell with five-day early access for those interested to play the game earlier.