Diablo 4 Storytelling Evolves With New Gestures, Real-Time Cutscenes

Blizzard gave out their quarterly update for June about Diablo 4, and among the various other things they told us abut including things like the open world, how they tested the game, and more, one particularly interesting tidbit was their new approach to Diablo 4 storytelling, which now includes real-time cutscenes.

While Diablo has always been a game heavy on the story (even if it became a meme that nobody bothered to stay a while and listen and instead went straight for the loot), Diablo 4 is going to be taking it to a new level with a new conversation setup and even real-time cutscenes.

Real-time cutscenes are simple, being in-engine cinematics that can help to give big story moments more weight. Players will be able to be seen up close with all of their gear on, rather than watching everything from an isometric viewpoint and losing the dramatic tension.

Also part of the Diablo 4 storytelling is a better way to focus on conversations. In every Diablo game, players could have conversations in their home base with various NPCs. Now, these have also evolved to be more personal by having the camera zoom in on them, with gestures and reactions that fit the conversation.

All of this new emphasis on storytelling fits with how much different the rest of Diablo 4 is going to be as well, with darker and more unnerving environments, new enemies, and a story unlike any Diablo game before it, where Lilith, one of the creators of the world of Sanctuary, makes her return.

You can read through the rest of Blizzard’s Quarterly Report on Diablo 4 by following this link and see how the new approach to Diablo 4 storytelling has changed the game. While we still have no idea of when Diablo 4 will release, and there’s no BlizzCon this year, hopefully the game still manages to wow fans of the series when it does come out.