Biomutant Gets New Gameplay Trailer, Still No Release Date

Biomutant has officially surfaced to remind everyone that the kung-fu-based third-person action role-playing game remains in active development.

The reassurance that Biomutant has not been scrapped came in the form of a new gameplay trailer earlier today to showcase not only combat but also exploration, trading, and crafting elements. Unfortunately, publisher THQ Nordic and developer Experiment 101 are still not confirming a release date.

Biomutant will see the light of day when “we are happy with it,” concluded the trailer. That being said, creative director Stefan Ljungqvist has stated that the game is in the final phase of development and the current focus is on improving the user experience in addition to squashing bugs.

During an earnings call last month, CEO Lars Wingefors of parent company Embracer Group stated that there are over 118 games under development, 69 of which remain to be announced. He confirmed that games like Biomutant, Chorus, Deep Rock Galactic, Destroy all Humans!, Iron Harvest, MotoGP 20, Ride 4, Snowrunner, Wasteland 3, and WWE 2K BattleĀ­grounds will soon start their marketing campaigns. He also noted that all of these games, Biomutant included, will release in the current financial year ending March 31, 2021.

Prior to the new gameplay footage, the last time Biomutant was shown to the public was last year when THQ Nordic releasedĀ a trailer montage of upcoming games. The lack of communication though, before and after, made quick work of the mention and everyone soon forgot about the game. There was also Darksiders Genesis from THQ Nordic and another reason why Biomutant was seldom brought up by players and fans.

Biomutant remains in active development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Steam has put the game for a planned release in late 2020, but that could possibly be a placeholder. Considering the current situation with COVID-19 and how Experiment 101 is still not comfortable in announcing a release date could end with a slight delay.