Wild Leak Alleges Fallout New Vegas Remastered Version Coming To Xbox Series X

A recent alleged leak on 4chan has claimed that one of the many games that will be announced during the July Xbox showcase will be Fallout New Vegas Remastered. The game, if it exists, will also be a timed Xbox exclusive, though there was no hint of a release window.

The source of the “leak” is a user that claims he was a former Obsidian Entertainment employee that was laid off due to the coronavirus and was taking advantage of that to spill the beans about upcoming projects. However, this is 4chan, so remember to take this with a grain of salt.

The “leaker” claims that the remaster was made in order to market to Fallout fans that were disappointed with Fallout 76, and that development on it started soon after the company released The Outer Worlds.

From what the leaker says, Fallout New Vegas Remastered will be what New Vegas should have been to begin with, with no cut content, no limits to the creation engine, and with a graphical upgrade similar to Fallout 4: New Vegas, a modded version of Fallout 4 that transitions the game to the Mojave Wasteland.

In the leaker’s words, the remaster is less that and more of a full-on remake, helped along by Obsidian’s willingness to try another crack at the game, and by Microsoft’s resources. Obsidian was acquired by Microsoft several years ago, so it’s only natural that the remaster (if it exists) is a timed exclusive.

If the supposed leak about Fallout New Vegas Remastered actually turns out to be true, Microsoft could have an amazing game on its hands right out the gate for the Xbox Series X, especially since Fallout New Vegas is seen as one of the best Fallout games.

Whether or not the alleged remaster turns out to be true entirely depends on whether or not Xbox’s July presentation about games coming out on the Xbox Series X includes it, so we’ll just have to wait and see if New Vegas makes an appearance.