[Update] Hideo Kojima Used Part Of Metal Gear Solid 5’s Budget On PT Production

Kojima Productions has denied claims of Gameblog France. Kojima Pro has claimed the article to be “categorically false”.

[Original Story]
A new article released on the French version of the Gameblog website has apparently brought up a number of new reasons for Hideo Kojima’s controversial firing back in 2015. Among these, apparently, is that Kojima was actually using part of Metal Gear Solid 5’s budget for PT production on the side.

None of this information has actually been confirmed, so you might still want to take it with a grain of salt, but it’s still quite interesting to hear about if the entire thing is actually true. The news also sheds more light on the development of Silent Hills.

According to the Gameblog France report, originally, PT was developed with a very small team and under intense secrecy, so only a small number of people knew that it was going to be released at all. A number of important people at Konami were some of the ones who didn’t know, until they found out at Gamescom 2014.

At the time, according to the article about PT production, Kojima even as he was Vice President of Konami, was in talks with Sony to create a shell company to publish PT on the Playstation Network, something most employees at Konami knew nothing about.

Because of Kojima developing PT under the table, Konami, since they owned the rights to Silent Hill, were suddenly inundated with a barrage of questions about a game that none of them had any idea existed.

While using part of the budget for Metal Gear Solid 5 for PT production was one part of Kojima’s firing, apparently this incident caused a lot more tension, because as VP, Kojima had the freedom to go behind the company’s back to develop an entirely different game, and that freedom was apparently also a major point of contention.

Even though apparently communication between Kojima and Konami has apparently resumed since his firing and a possible collaboration between Konami and Kojima Productions is possible, we shouldn’t hold our breaths especially since, again, none of this information is confirmed.

It would be nice to see development on Silent Hills resumed after years of silence, but that’s something that we’ll have to rely on Konami to announce, even though Sony’s apparently been trying to buy the rights from them.