Garry’s Mod June 2020 Update Is Live, Various Bug Fixes

Garry’s Mod has received some important updates for June 2020. This patch is available on PC. You will see that Garry’s Mod June 2020 Update has loads of bug fixes in regards with a few multiplayer related issues, performance issues, crash issues due to missing textures/materials, and networking related issues. Take note that certain sound related issues were also fixed. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Garry’s Mod June 2020 Update.

  • Added client console de-duplication, can be toggled with con_filter_dupe.
  • Added Mass icon resize and re-render feature to the spawnmenu, by selecting many icons and right clicking on them.
  • Added Freeze/Unfreeze effects check boxes to Physics Gun Settings.
  • Added “Sandbox Settings” in User category in Utilities which contains the search max results slider + some sandbox related toggles from the menubar.
  • Weapons in the weapons tab now have an “NPC” icon if they can be used as NPC weapons, with a right click option to set that weapon as the current NPC weapon override.
  • Added kill icons for prop_ragdoll, prop_physics_respawnable, func_pushable and func_physbox (same as prop_physics).
  • Added 51 new main menu backgrounds from the contest, replacing old ones.
  • Fixed extreme lag when entering PVS with props that have material override pointing to a non existent material, most noticeable on multiplayer Sandbox servers thanks to this Garry’s Mod June 2020 update.
  • Fixed extreme performance loss when trying to render unmounted materials (unmounting CSS while on a map that uses CSS content and re-joining that map).
  • Fixed certain props disappearing and spamming the console on map change.
  • Underwater sounds no longer play when dead and player’s camera is not underwater.
  • Dying to Half-Life 2 leeches no longer keeps playing the leech sounds until you respawn.
  • Dying above water with leeches also no longer plays the leech sounds when your player entity falls underwater while you are dead.
  • Addons that use too many decals will no longer boot players to main menu when trying to start singleplayer game thanks to this Garry’s Mod patch.
  • Fixed Undo & Cleanup panels in Utilities becoming blank after spawnmenu_reload.
  • Fixed Motion Blur and Overlay Post Processing effects not working well with poster command.
  • Fixed Toy Town post processing effect having 1px tall gap at the bottom of the screen with certain settings.
  • SuperDOF UI window now repositions itself when player’s screen resolution changes so it will not be left off-screen.
  • Fixed a large memory leak when decompressing files embedded in the BSP map file.
  • Physics Gun glow/beam will no longer render in 3rd person if the weapon itself is not visible.

Recently, the developers released another important patch. With Garry’s Mod April 2020 Update, you will find that the developers introduced 2 new mountable games: The Stanley Parable and Fistful of Frags. They also addressed a very urgent issue with the voice chat quality in GM, and hopefully voice chat will now sound much better than it used to.

Here you will find the complete list of all Garry’s Mod June 2020 Update patch notes. I remind you that Garry’s Mod released on November 29, 2006 for PC; on September 23, 2010 for Mac OS X; and on June 5, 2013 for Linux.