Skate 4 Gameplay, Release Date and Platforms

EA has recently announced the release of Skate 4, one of its most prominent alternative sports titles. With a huge community behind it crossing fingers for a quick launch date, it’s hard not to have it in your radar. Today, we’re going over everything we know about Skate 4. What is its gameplay like, what platforms will it release on, and when is its release date.

Electronic Arts made the big announcement during EA Play 2020 a few days ago. The franchise was lying dormant since the release of Skate 3 in 2010 with some minor leaks in the recent years.

This means that this could be one of the biggest leaps a franchise has seen in the recent years. Although the announcement didn’t come with a first look of the game, we know that the concept is intriguing.

Skate 4 Gameplay

Skate 4 will allow players to basically create their own story, becoming famous and creating their own legacy within the streets of San Vanelona. EA confirms that you’ll be able to develop your own skating style by unlocking tricks and combos while defining their gameplay “personality”.

In concept, the game will be open-world and will allow you to create sandbox areas to skate in. We don’t know how big those areas will be and whether or not they will be restricted to classic skate ramps or you’ll be able to use everyday life objects as part of your “track”.

The company has also announced the FlickitT mechanic which will change the way the combos and tricks are performed with the use of the gamepad dual analog stick. This will prove useful while going into the city, since you’ll have to navigate through traffic, escape guards and more. This sounds eerily like Need for Speed but with skateboards.

Skate 4 will also let you see some iconic figures of the sports like Danny Way and Mike Carroll. In addition, you’ll have a capture mode to create live-action footage and show off your sick moves.

Skate 4 Platforms

Much like Skate 3, it’s hard not to think that the fourth installment in the franchise won’t release on consoles. Depending on the release date, it could either be PlayStation 4 and Xbox One or PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The latter seems more plausible at this point. A PC version is also a big possibility since all major EA titles see most of its player base choosing PC over consoles. The company has also shown a real interest in Nintendo Switch so we might be seeing a port for the hybrid console. However, this won’t be anytime soon, if ever.

Skate 4 Release Date

As of now, we don’t have a set release date for Skate 4. The EA Play 2020 announcement confirms that the game is still early in its development so it most likely will be in 2021. We’ll have more news as soon as Electronic Arts is open to share more.

It seems like skating is back to stay with Skate 4 and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 releasing in the future. The latter will release in September and will this will be a test of whether or not gamers still care about skating games. We can’t wait to find that out.

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