Minecraft Nether Update Adds Many Changes, And An Adventure

One of Minecraft’s biggest updates to date has finally arrived today. The Minecraft Nether update will be updating one of the three most important areas of Minecraft, the Nether, with new biomes to explore, new mobs to fight, and new blocks to mine, and we’ve got it all right here.

The Nether is quite possibly one of the least hospitable places in Minecraft. In it, beds explode when slept in, roving mobs of Ghasts, Zombie Pigmen, and Blazes hunt you wherever you go, and there’s also the ever-present threat of falling into lava.

The Nether update, however, adds even more things to be wary of in the update. A new block called Netherite is available to mine, making even diamond, one of the hardest materials in the game, look like cobblestone. A new race called Piglins can either be negotiated with, or fought. Beasts called Hoglins can also be either avoided, or hunted for meat.

There’s also new biomes to explore. Along with the lava caverns most are familiar with, there are also the Nether Wastes, the Soulsand Valleys, the Basalt Deltas, or the Crimson and Warped Forests, each biome sure to invite their own dangers and give their own rewards.

Don’t feel like you’re helpless in the Nether now, either. A Respawn Anchor item can be placed so that you won’t have to respawn back at your home bed anymore, and can simply pop back into the Nether at the anchor’s location.

To help you get more used to the Minecraft Nether update, an actual adventure has also been added. Way of the Nether puts you in the role of having to save the mayor of Poppy Isle, who has gone missing after a Nether Portal appeared.

There are two different versions of the update, one for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows 10, and more for the “Bedrock” version, while Windows, Mac OS, and Linux get the “Java” version. You can see the trailer here.