EA Hints At New Open-World Skate 4, User-Made Content, Lots Of Customization

Skate 4 was finally announced to be happening on the Playstation 5 during the EA Play event, and even before it gets an actual presentation, EA CEO Andre Wilson hinted that the game might be an open-world Skate 4, with plenty of user-generated content and a huge amount of customization available for players.

While this isn’t necessarily confirmed because the game is still in the early stages of development, Wilson’s guesses do have some merit to them. The skateboarding scene isn’t just about athletics, but also art and creating your own image, as many skaters often have colorful boards they ride on, covered in stickers and pictures.

Wilson’s words do, however, also drop the hint that EA may end up making Skate 4 a “service game” that could run for a significant period of time. This does, unfortunately, open up the possibility that microtransactions and DLC may be involved.

However, again, the game is still in early development, so statements and guesses about an open-world Skate 4 may not come true. Considering the series was brought back entirely due to fan demand, EA would be making a massive mistake by making it a service game packed with microtransactions unlike the Tony Hawk remasters.

Even if the skateboarding scene is built on art, customization, and interaction between people, EA would have to strike a very delicate balance in order to make the game focus on the community aspects and not alienate people with microtransactions.

While they’ve been much better at doing that since the debacle with Star Wars Battlefront 2, such as making it so that Star Wars Squadrons doesn’t have any microtransactions at all, with all of this talk about an open-world Skate 4, there’s no telling what will happen with it.

Hopefully, whenever the game comes out, Skate 4 will be exactly what many fans of the series were looking for in a skating game.