Fortnite DreamHack Tournament Announced; Everything You Need To Know

Fortnite DreamHack will see both giants join forces to bring forth a new series of competitive events for players to prove their mettle. The largest tournament organizer on the planet has made a commitment to support the most popular game on the planet, and that too with a massive prize pool.

How to participate

There are no registration or signup forms currently available for Fortnite DreamHack. The organizer has confirmed that more details will be released by the end of next week, meaning that information on how to participate in the tournament should be available by the weekend.

Those interested in entering Fornite DreamHack can either keep tabs on the official website or follow the official Twitter account for new updates.

How to watch

Fortnite DreamHack will naturally be attracting all of the popular and professional players, most of whom are regularly streaming online. Hence, the tournament will unsurprisingly be broadcasted live for fans (and other players) to watch. Those interested can bookmark the official Twitch channel of the tournament.

Fortnite DreamHack will also be bringing in a team of casters and analysts, and possibly hosts. However, details on that have not been released. That being said, expect some of the more familiar faces to be commentating on the action.

The format and mode

Fortnite DreamHack will be completely online, which would be obvious since COVID-19 has thrown out the possibility of having any large gatherings under a single roof. The organizer has confirmed that there will be a new tournament every month for the entire year. The first of the series will be played in solos, and the ones to come will presumably expand into duos, trios, and quads.

Furthermore, Fortnite DreamHack, at least the first tournament, will take place in North America and Europe. While players from other regions can participate, they will have to play in the two aforementioned regions. Hence, they will have to deal with latency issues on their own.

Take note that players are not required to qualify from any leagues or such. Fortnite DreamHack is an open tournament, meaning that everyone is invited.

The prize pool

Every monthly tournament will feature a prize pool of $250,000. How that will be divided among the top players remains to be known. Suffice to say, earning a share in every monthly tournament will prove to be quite a handsome amount of winnings by the time Fortnite Dreamhack concludes.

The schedule

The first Fortnite DreamHack tournament will begin on July 17 with two open qualifiers. Each player will be allowed to play ten games in total, or for three hours, to earn as many points as possible before qualifying for the next round. The following are the complete schedules for both the North American and European regions.

NA East (EST)

  • Heat 1 (Open): Fri, Jul 17, 5PM-8PM
  • Heat 2 (Open): Fri, Jul 17, 9PM-12AM
  • Semi-finals: Sat, Jul 18, 5PM-8PM
  • Grand finals: Sun, Jul 19, 5PM-10PM

NA West (PST)

  • Heat 1 (Open): Fri, Jul 17, 5PM-8PM
  • Heat 2 (Open): Fri, Jul 17, 9PM-12AM
  • Semi-finals: Sat, Jul 18, 5PM-8PM
  • Grand finals: Sun, Jul 19, 5PM-10PM


  • Heat 1 (Open): Fri, Jul 17, 17:00-20:00
  • Heat 2 (Open): Fri, Jul 17, 21:00-00:00
  • Semi-finals: Sat, Jul 18, 19:00-22:00
  • Grand finals: Sun, Jul 19, Sun, Jul 19, 17:00-22:00

The point system

As mentioned above, players will need to earn points by playing in order to qualify for the next round. The points will be based on where players place during their matches.

  • 1st place: 60 points
  • 2nd place: 53 points
  • 3rd place: 49 points
  • 4th place: 47 points
  • 5th place: 46 points
  • 50th place: 1 point
  • Elimination: 5 points

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