FIFA 21 on PC Is Based on Current Generation Hardware

As the first information for FIFA 21 comes in from Electronic Arts, we find out some rather interesting facts about the game’s PC version. Apparently, the game will release on next-gen consoles but that doesn’t mean that FIFA 21 PC edition will be up-to-par with that build.

The news comes from the official FIFA 21 FAQ, including information about its pre-orders, its PC edition and more. According to the company, the PC version will not feature next-gen enhancements and will be the same as those of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The FAQ reads:

FIFA 21 on PC will be the same version as released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We’ll have more information on it in the coming weeks.

Let’s not forget, however, that this doesn’t mean that your hardware won’t bring some enhancements to the build. Loading times as well as graphics vary from one PC build to another. This also doesn’t rule out the possibility of the game getting an enhance update when PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release.

For what it’s worth, the new game will bring improvement to its prior yearly releases. We’ll be getting new content, campaign and modes. Sadly, cross-play is still not a feature of FIFA 21 as the developer team still explores the possibility and promises to have more news on that front later through its development.

FIFA 21 will also see a release on Nintendo Switch. The situation here is kind of worse, with the game being a legacy edition. This means that we get player updates, latest kits and season changes. However, no new modes or content updates will be present in the new game.

Although we have haven’t seen any FIFA 21 gameplay yet, EA’s upcoming soccer title releases on October 5th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The Nintendo Switch version will release sometime later. Players will be able to upgrade their current-gen title to next-gen after the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release.

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