How to Unlock Restricted Sparring in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor Restricted Sparring guide, everything you need to know about this mechanic, what is actually is, how do you unlock Restricted Sparring and what rewards should you be expecting, will be explained.

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC is all about competitive battles and Restricted Sparring is the event that brings another opportunity for you to test your potential in the competitive world battles.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Restricted Sparring

Restricted Sparring is a post-game event in the Isle of Armor DLC put forward by the Dojo Master where you not only get to evaluate your potential as a trainer but also get a great chance to top up your battle points.

What makes this event different from the others is that it is much more challenging and difficult as in every battle you will be only able to take one Pokemon with you.

You shouldn’t be expecting to play as a team here.

Even though one of the handy features of the event is that you can take dual-type Pokemon with you like a Pokemon that may be Electricity as well as Poison type.

You will then be up against the types of Pokemon that have types against your team.

In the event, you can choose a total of three Pokemon and so will your opponents too.

Once you have chosen your team and initiated the event, you will be up against 5 trainers in a row.

Your team will not automatically heal up between the battle but you get a chance to heal up 2 times.

Make sure you adopt the right strategy as you have a restriction regarding healing up. And that is the point of the event, to use your Pokemon’s weaknesses as their strengths.

Unlocking the Restricted Sparring Event
As this is a post-game event you must have completed the main storyline before you can play the Restricted Sparring.

Firstly you need to purchase the DLC, complete it and then you can enter the event.

You should’ve captured Zacian or Zamazenta before starting this DLC to keep the things aligned and going smoothly.

Once the storyline ends you just need to go to the girl blocking the entrance to the Dojo. As soon as you talk to her the event will kick-off.

You should have high speed and high attack Pokemon for Restricted Sparring event so that you can easily take down your enemy with single attacks!

As you have a restricted amount of heal ups available, this strategy will work the best.

Do not rely of consumable items like Weakness policy and Berries as you will only get them after restoring your Pokemon and not amidst the battle. Avoid items that may reduce your health like the Life Orbs.

You will have a chance to Dynamax your pokemon only once in a battle so use that opportunity wisely. Dynamaxing your Pokemon lifts the restrictions on your consumable items!

The rewards of Restricted Sparring are dependent upon how far you go into the challenges but for beating every trainer you do get 3 BPs.

If you beat all the five trainers in a row you net off with 30 BPs.

And if you clear a certain type challenge the first time you also get 30 BPs.

Considering the fact that you will have a chance to battle against 18 different types! You have a brighter chance to earn 1350 BPs and that is not the only attraction, you will also be able to build a very competitive team!