The Last of Us Part 2 Parts Locations

There are a lot of upgrade parts in TLOU 2, scattered all over the map in different locations. Our The Last of Part 2 Parts Locations guide will take you to each of these parts one by one in a sequence i.e. Chapter wise. This is going to be a long guide so grab some popcorn and let’s get started.   

The Last of Us Part 2 Parts Locations

Parts and supplements are used for getting upgrades and one playthrough is not nearly enough for you to be able to get all the upgrades. The best-case scenario is that you will get 80% of the total upgrades in a single playthrough.

For the other 20%, you will have to start a new game.  Now let’s discuss the parts that you will find in each chapter.

Before we get started, I would like to say Spoiler Alert. From this point on we are not responsible for any The Last of Us 2 spoilers that you come across in this guide.

Chapter 1: Jackson Parts Locations

You will find nothing in this chapter as this is basically the start with just a horse ride.

Waking Up
There are a total of fifteen parts in this chapter broken down as sets of 7, 3, and 5. You will find the first set of 7 parts while playing as Ellie.

You will have to follow Jesse and when you get to the far end of the snowy road you will see a blacksmith that will have the first 7 parts of this chapter.

After getting those go to the Tipsy Bison Bar which is on the left.

The second set of 3 parts is outside the Tipsy Bison bar at the right when you leave the place near the scaffolding. If you cannot find it just go right from the entrance of the public library.

The third set of 5 parts is present near the squirrel that sits in the snow. You will have to follow your friends in order to get there after you leave the Tipsy Bison bar.

The first set of 5 parts is present in the same room as Bong and to get to that room you have to climb a rope because Dina made you.

The second set of 8 parts will be present inside the RV when Ellie and Dina will ride horses the second time.

The third set of 4 parts is present in the same where the cut scene plays in which Ellie throws a bottle at someone running.

The next collection of 7 parts is present in the truck when you get attacked by zombies, go under it and then inside it to get saved by Dina and find the 7 parts. There is another set of 3 parts inside the room on the left side of the spore-infested area when Ellie and Dina both wear their masks.

Next, you will find a 12 parts set inside a safe present in the back office of the supermarket. This safe will open using the code 072013.

Do not go through the second gap if you want to get this because there is no coming back from there.

You will find another set of 24 parts when you break into the library room from the window. There is another set of 7 parts close by. To get them, go to the previous room after turning the generator on and you will find them on the table.

Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 Parts Locations

The Gate
There will be graffiti on top of a gate at the end of the overgrown highway that states: “WLF TRESPASSERS KILLED ON SIGHT!”.

There will be a truck on the left side of this gate. Get on top of this truck and you will find 7 parts and there are 3 more parts in the fenced area inside the guardhouse on the left side as well.

You will find 5 more parts after climbing the wall. Turn left from the ladder in the next tower and you will find a hidden ladder that will take you to a watchtower where you will find 5 parts.

Remember the ladder we left, go back and climb down and you will find a trailer on the right and a generator behind it, turn the generator on and take the yellow cable and throw it over the building to the other side and then open the fence door.

Then you will use this cable as a rope to get on top of the roof and find 4 parts there. You will open the next trailer building gate using 0512 code and climb up the watchtower and get 12 parts.

Head towards the fire truck bridge on the broken highway that comes between 6th and 7th Avenue. Jump on to the fire truck from the military truck.

Use the hose at a zip line to get to the turned over truck and find 16 parts there. You will find 7 more parts on top of the ruins at the third block in Colombia and Marion Street.

There are 13 more in the glass cabinets upstairs on the 5th and 6th avenue and 16 more on the left of the Marion and Madison street as well as 17 more if you go to the gate on the left of the Madison street. Open the safe using 04-51 and you will find these parts.

You will find 12 more parts in the Ruston coffee shop scattered all over the pace. There are 8 more parts in the Barkos pet store and 12 more are present in the truck parked near the little waterfall.

You will find 10 more parts in the Dome between Colombia and Marion Street on the ground floor and 11 more on the upper floor.

Now head over to the courthouse and you will find 3 more parts here on the floor and the safe there has 7 more parts. Open the safe using 860722.  Next head over the rope in the dark corridor and you will find 8 parts along the way.

Now go back to the “FUCK FEDRA GATE”, and open the gate using code 5345 and use the fuel to turn on the power. It will say “WLF?” somewhere in the Saverna hotel and you will find 7 parts in a drawer on the ground floor there.

Now go to the Concierge room and you will find 11 more parts.

Eastbrook Elementary
Go through the cafeteria after the shootout and you will find 16 parts and then 8 more on the crossing rooftop and then 16 more parts inside the next room you go to from the rooftop.

When you jump over the balcony of an apartment you will find 11 parts inside the bedroom closet, then again 16 parts in the closet of the next bedroom.

Capitol Hill
You will find a part in the kitchen drawer of house number 3. After that, there are 4 more parts in the upstairs bedroom of house number 6 and 15 more if you go to the dumpster on the right of the motel and pull it to the white balcony to climb on top of it to get to the balcony.

Go inside the apartment and you will find 6 parts in the washing area and 9 parts on the bed.

You will find 14 more parts in the garage of the gas station and 8 more in the building in the olive street market area inside the locker room on a shelf.

Channel 13
There are 7 parts in the back of the Channel 13 news TV Station van and 15 more in the control booth on the 1st floor of the station.

The Tunnels
You will find 7 parts near a workbench inside a room that has a red light after climbing the ladder and 12 more parts in the first room on the right after a chain gate. You will find a fenced-in area on the right side and a crouch through a hole in the fence.

The Theater
There are 4 parts in the projection room on the 1st floor of the theater and 6 on its roof.

Chapter 3: Seattle Day 2

You will find a collection of 27 parts inside the clothing store called “Rosernont” which is the building on the right.

The parts are in the cellar that you can access from the hole behind the countertop.

There are 4 more parts inside “Ruston Coffee” that you can get from its kitchen.

In order to get there just use the vent in the bathroom and 4 more appear when you have to kill the dog in your story and after that, you use a red door. You will see these parts on the right after going through this door.

The next set of 3 parts is past the fenced gate which when opened makes a dumpster roll down and the parts are present where the dumpster originally was.

Then you will push this dumpster to get inside the building with the workbench and there will be 15 parts in the room on the right.

Your next delivery of parts will be from the safe behind the dumpster in the alley behind the Velvet Tattoo Shop.

The safe will open using the code 308265 and then you can get 5 more from the office behind the safe. Now head to the building called “Goldstar Liquor” and get 2 more parts in the cellar.

Now after you have gotten the Bow weapon you will go to the last house with a lot of enemies.

This house is on the right and its garage has 11 parts and there are 10 more if you travel a little into the suburbs you will see a green hut along with a gazebo in a garden.

The parts are on a shelf in this hut. The last 3 parts in this chapter are present in a burned building on the table.

The Seraphites
There is a revolving door at the start of the chapter, go through it, and climb on the roof using the boxes on the left. There are 10 parts on the left side of the roof.

Then you will go to “Quickmart” and find 5 parts inside the bathroom and then 4 parts in the next building named “Kingsgate Brewing Co.” You will find 4 parts on the dining table.

From here go to the building that says “Conference Center” and you will find an elevator shaft that you will use to get to the first floor.

You will have to break the glass roof outside by throwing bricks and then use a rope to swing to the locked room on the other side and you will find 18 parts there and then you will find 6 more parts inside a taxi along the main road after leaving this building.

Then there are 5 more on this very floor on the other side in the apartment.

Now you will head on to the Seattle Conference Center and to get in slide the dumpster and climb on to the wall.

Get to the ground floor by jumping on to the scaffold and then you will get into the office from the window and find 7 parts there.

The next collection of 15 parts is present inside a room near the sewers when you go under the metal bars.

You can get 13 more parts from the “Garden Suites 113” building by going to room 201. Then you can get 8 more parts, 4 from the box on the right after you kill the PS Vita Playing girl, and the other 4 while in the watchtower.

Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3

Road to the Aquarium
Go the “Frontier Rental Car” from the theater and find 3 parts in the office drawer. Then there are 17 more parts in the bathroom of the “WDL” Shipping & Packaging shop. There is another part inside the broken floor of the bookstore while exiting.

You will find 15 parts on the first floor of the ruins of a warehouse when you drive the next time. Then on the upper floor, there are 10 more parts on a metal shelf.

The Flooded City
Open the safe inside the house where your boat stops and get 7 parts. The safe is upstairs and it is opened using the code 701264.

Go to the “Seattle Sleep Warehouse” and inside the garage, you will find 18 parts next to the workbench along with some blue drums.

Next, you will head to the “Kingsgate Brewing Co.” building and find 15 more parts on the upper floor.

The next big collection of 29 parts will be found on the upper floor of the Arcade near a workbench. There are 2 more parts in the PC café on the desks on both sides

The first 9 parts of this chapter are found in the Aquarium building. 3 out of those 9 are on the table and the rest are in the locker.

Then when you get out of the air duct you will be attacked by a dog. You need to go left at this point and find 17 parts on a shelf there.

Chapter 6:  Seattle Day 1

On Foot
Go to the shopping area and you will find 14 parts in the Halloween section. Then next set 9 parts are present in the kitchen checkout section near the cash register.

For the next 10 parts check the shelves on both the left and right in order to get 10 more parts.

Next is a collection of 61 parts in the Garden center which you will find by going through all the counters, shelves tables, and houses.

Then you will find 14 more parts head to the tool shop and you will find them on the shelves.  You will find 9 more parts on the tool table on your left outside the previous room.

Now head over to the aisle on the right side and you will find 18 parts along with a workbench.

The Forward Base
Go left from the Checkpoint gate and find 18 parts next to a workbench.

Hostile Territory
Your first 6 parts are in the kitchen drawers in the first apartment. Then 18 more at the building named Spicy Dumpling. 4 of these parts are under the sink and 14 are under the cash register.

Then head through the small gap and find 3 parts in the drawer in the living room. You will see a women’s wall painting, head to the building right of this. You will find 7 parts on the table there.

Go inside “Ruby Dragon” and find 16 parts behind the counter. From here go to the balcony street and then left from here and into the hole to go inside the shop and find 7 more parts here.

After this, you will leave Chinatown and a truck that looks like a shrine will appear and to its left, you will find 3 parts and 1 more inside the room on the right of the truck.

Now go to the building where you fight with a lot of scars and find 4 parts in the sink drawers on the first floor.

The Forest
There are 27 parts distributed across the shelves in “La Rosa’s Auto Shop” building right where you enter after the boss fight. Now go to the next room and you will find 1 part of the right side shelf, 1 in the bathroom and 17 on the shelf.

Get out of this building and go into the next and get the 12 parts on the desk on the left side. GO down from this floor and there are 9 more parts present before the door.

The Coast
The very first building will have 18 parts on the shelves. Then after fighting some enemies you will find a crate on the right in the container area with 9 parts and there are 6 more parts in the cruise ship on the left.

Now go upstairs and then enter the first room on the right side and get 17 parts to form the metal shelf. From here go the ship’s helm and find 16 parts in a safe that opens using the code 907701.

Chapter 7: Seattle Day 2 Parts

The Shortcut
Find the brown car in the last on the left side as it has 8 parts beside it. Then when you jump into an apartment go to the right side bedroom and open the safe using 302304 to get 8 parts and 9 more parts on the roof just sitting on the ground.

When you get tot eh phone store called, you will find 28 parts distributed inside this store.

Now take the ladder and go up and pass through the wooden bridge and turn right to find 7 parts and when you find a shrine go to the room on the right and find 21 parts on a shelf to the left.

After taking out the human enemies on the rooftops take the door to the next room and you will find a pill bottle at the right side and parts on a shelf to the left.

Take the elevator and find 6 more parts on the right when you get off. There are 11 more parts at top of the fallen structure on the right.

The Descent
There are 9 parts on the table in the room with the functional gas mask for Lev. Then you will use the fire hose to swing down a couple of floors and you will find 12 more parts along with a clicker in a room. Go to the lower floor and find 14 parts in the room near the ledge.

Again, go to the lower floor and take out the Shambler and find 3 parts in the drawer on the right. Open the elevator shaft and jump down to find 8 parts on the left of the vending machine.

Then you will head towards the plaza with a bar to find 18 more parts on the right side in the pavilion.

Take the ledge to the next building and find 15 parts inside the bathroom.

Ground Zero
There are 14 parts on a shelf in the room you get to after splitting up with Nora and going downstairs.

Go over the broken wall and find 9 more parts along with 27 more inside the room on your left. There are 16 more parts inside the garage with the truck.

Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3

The Marina
You will find 15 parts inside the tram at “Lenora St. Station”.  There are 7 more parts in the back of the truck while you are striding through the water.

When you get off at the pier go to the shop and find 8 parts there. Find 23 more parts in the building that to enter to get away from the sniper.

The Island
There are 15 parts in the back of a car on the left side when you climb the first ladder. Then 7 more in the second hut to the left and then 13 more on the left side one of the two present straight ahead.

Then you can find 16 more parts by going to the watchtower where the Scars came from to attack you.

The Escape
The second hut you go to after starting this chapter has 7 parts on the shelf. There are 25 parts in the first building where you come across enemies on the ground floor and then 9 more parts when you go upstairs.

When you get to a cutscene after that o left and find 34 parts on a shelf.  Now when you come across enemies you will find 1 part on the cash register and the bar each and then 9 more on the left at the meat grinder table.

Find 9 more parts when you leave this building, inside the truck with overgrown plants along the path.

There will be a point when Lev drops down a ladder for you, climb up and grab 11 parts from that room.

Chapter 9: Santa Barbara

Pushing Inland
There are 22 parts in the first garage on the right after you climb over the first fence to get to the mansions.

There is one clicker on the roof of a mansion, take it out and come down to find 9 parts in the kitchen on the table. Then there is a parked truck on the left when you come out of this building. You will find 9 parts in its back.

The Resort
Keep taking out the enemies along the train tracks and you will come across a Van with a Rattler Faction logo.

There is a shop to the left of this van that has 13 parts as well as enemies. The next part is present at the circular saw when you come across enemies again.

The saw is in a hut that is in the middle of the area. There are 12 more parts if you go to the right of the Workbench to a building’s balcony.

Now find the white container outside behind the workbench to get 9 more parts on it.

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