Who Will Grace the Cover of EA Sports UFC 4?

With every sports-related video game that comes out, one of the main questions asked is always what athlete will end up being on the cover? Such a question is asked not just with actual ball-kicking sports like FIFA and the NFL, but also with the cover of EA Sports UFC 4.

While it’s not as prevalent as the other games that EA Sports makes that come out every year, UFC still has its fans that are also likely curious as to which fighter in the sport is actually going to end up taking the coveted spot this year (and hopefully avoiding anything like the Madden curse).

Last time a UFC game got made by EA Sports, the cover star was Conor McGregor, who also coincidentally recently announced his retirement from the UFC scene. While another cover spot might be a good tribute to a big name in the sport, it wouldn’t be fair to other fighters either.

Obviously the best and most obvious way to go for someone to be on the cover of EA Sports UFC 4 would be to look at the top 10 best UFC fighters and pick who’s number 1. In this case that would be Jon Jones, currently the top-rated fighter with a 26-1 win-loss record. However, he’s also done a number of controversial incidents outside of the ring.

That doesn’t necessarily disqualify him though, considering Conor McGregor has numerous cases of assault and battery under his belt. Going off a top-10 list doesn’t necessarily allow someone to be a cover-star, either.

While Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL’s MVP and Offensive Player of the Year for 2020, got onto the cover of Madden NFL 20 and broke the curse that’s normally associated with it, a particularly qualified MMA star might be more what EA SPorts is looking for, if Jon Jones isn’t chosen.

Of course, Jones also isn’t the only option. Khabib Nurmagomedov is possibly an even better option considering he’s undefeated with a 28-0 record. Holding the longest undefeated record, he also only has two notable controversies to his name, making him a better option than Jones or McGregor in terms of image.

Either way, we’ll likely have to wait for the game’s release, or at least an announcement of who will be on the cover of EA Sports UFC 4, to see who gets picked. The game’s beta recently opened up a few days ago, and the game will be officially revealed when UFC makes its grand return on July 11.