Resident Evil: Village Was The Most-Searched Game From PS5 Reveal Event

Capcom could not have asked for a better way to announce Resident Evil: Village, the upcoming eighth mainline installment in the horror franchise.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Niko Partners’ senior analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out that Resident Evil: Village has become the most-searched third-party game from the recently concluded PlayStation 5 reveal event. More than half of all worldwide Google searches in relation to the third-party games showcased by Sony Interactive Entertainment last week were for Resident Evil: Village alone.

Resident Evil: Village was leaked a couple of months before its official announcement. Hence, there are available details that Capcom will eventually come around to acknowledge. For starters, the game is said to feature an antagonist similar to Mr. X and Nemesis. She has been dubbed as the witch and will be themed around insects like Marguerite Baker from Resident Evil 7 as upon defeat, she will dissipate into them. The witch will stalk players throughout the narrative and announce her arrival with a distinct haunting laugh.

Furthermore, Resident Evil: Village will apparently follow in the footsteps of the last mainline installment by featuring full support for virtual reality technology. Reportedly, players will be able to play the entire game from start to finish with a virtual reality headset.

Capcom will be dropping more details about the new sequel in about a couple of months. The developer is expected to unveil more gameplay footage and perhaps confirm a few fan-crafted theories that have been running amok.

Resident Evil: Village is slated for a release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC somewhere in spring 2021. Capcom was previously rumored to be eyeing a cross-generation release on PlayStation 4 but that remains to be confirmed. There also have been concerns that COVID-19 might possibly enforce a delay.

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