Playstation 5 Website Gets Visual Update

Now that the Playstation 5 has finally been revealed, the Playstation 5 website has gotten a significant makeover to show off not only the new console (and its variant) but also the various games that we saw get announced during the console’s reveal event last week, along with any upcoming Playstation 4 games.

The Playstation 5 is definitely an enormous departure from previous Playstation consoles. It’s white with a black interior rather than all-black, apparently intended to stand upright rather than lay on its side, and its controllers also look different.

These sorts of changes have also extended to the website, though only on the actual official Playstation section, not in the Playstation 4, which continues its blue and black color scheme for the time being. The website is all-white except for game titles, and is navigated by scrolling up and down from icon to icon.

The design actually heralds the current Xbox website’s design, which is also white for the most part, also navigated by scrolling downward, and is also sprinkled with various icons of games and services that the company offers

The upgrade to the Playstation 5 website is, of course, likely indicative of Playstation design going forward, but whether it will spread to the rest of has yet to be determined. The Playstation Store could also turn white as Playstation continues to upgrade the site, for instance.

Along with the new look, the site also includes various places where you can learn more about the games coming to the console, a place where you can sign up for more Playstation 5 news (which will inevitably be useful when they announce a concrete release date and a price).

All you have to do to access the new Playstation 5 website and see it for yourself is go to the official Playstation website,, to see what it looks like.