What’s the Horizon Forbidden West Release Date?

One of the bigger reveals made at the Playstation 5 event was that a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn was coming. But now, considering the console still has a release window, what will the Horizon Forbidden West release date be? One wasn’t announced at the presentation, even as a release window.

The world of Horizon focuses on a post-apocalyptic future after human civilization was wiped out by an army of machines. Protagonist Aloy managed to rescue her homeland from one evil tribe, and now must travel west to the West Coast of the United States to face a new threat that may destroy everything.

While Guerrilla Games has given a good bit of information about the game over the past few days, including just today holding a talk, the only thing approaching a release date that we’ve been given is 2021, which will mark six years since the first game released back in 2017.

Even though it’s good that Guerrilla isn’t rushing the game, it might still be a disappointment to many fans that wanted the Horizon Forbidden West release date to mark the game as a launch title for the Playstation 5, even if 2021 isn’t that far off and we likely won’t have much longer to wait after it.

2021 may be a crowded year considering the other Playstation 5 games we saw that were also coming out around that time, but considering how popular Zero Dawn was, marking a successful transition for Guerrilla from first-person shooters like Killzone to open-world action RPGs, the wait will be more than worth it.

While waiting for the Horizon Forbidden West release date to actually come around, if you haven’t touched the game before, you can either play it on the Playstation 4 or pick it up on the PC. Hopefully Guerrilla will have more information for us about a true release date sometime next year but until then, we can only wait.