The Last of Us Part II is Available Early in New Zealand

The Last of Us Part II is available in New Zealand meaning we have an early look at Naughty Dog’s brand new title. Much like New Year celebrations, video game releases come earlier for New Zealand and Australia, giving us the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what’s in store for us when we start playing.

What does the early New Zealand release for The Last of Us Part II mean? It practically means that you can already log into Youtube and Twitch and watch first playthrough live streams from content creators. No more worries about spoilers and plot leaks. If you want to know what the game is about and don’t care about ruining your playtime, you have 24 hours to see it live.

Undeniably, Naughty Dog’s new game is a sight for sore eyes. No trailer or preview could prepare us for its visual sharpness. Watching The Last of Us Part II early is much like an animated movie, an experience similar to that of Detroit: Become Human. Sony Interactive Entertainment knows its way around great single player games. The Last of Us 2 doesn’t fall behind on that area.

While a lot of criticism circles the game and its themes, everyone has their eyes set on it right now. Its review scores prove that the franchise is one of the tops in the video game industry. Whatever the case, we love seeing Joel and Ellie being back. Right now, everyone is praising it for its emotional impact on players and its cinematic character.

Note that The Last of Us Part II releases in less than 24 hours worldwide with some countries seeing an earlier release through the day. The game is a Playstation 4 exclusive, with a PS5 version coming later next year. If you want to see the game early before its launch tomorrow, you can watch some early playthroughs on Twitch.