New Need For Speed Underground Teaser Apparently Posted On Need For Speed Twitter

The official Need For Speed Twitter account may have just made a number of series fans happy, as their most recent tweet might have confirmed that Need For Speed Underground is coming back. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the tweet has a very big hint that a fan would recognize.

The hint in question is the first twenty seconds of Lil Jon’s song “Get Low”, which was used in the soundtrack of the original Underground game, albeit edited due to its heavy use of profanity. Otherwise, there aren’t any hints that it’s actually Underground.

Of course, in a day and age where many games are getting remastered or remade for modern consoles in order to capitalize on nostalgia (that and they’re actually good games), it’s likely actually going to be a remake/remaster, though obviously developers Criterion Games aren’t saying anything yet.

Need For Speed Underground originally came out back in 2003, and was successful enough to get a sequel game in 2004. Since then we haven’t heard anything about the game, so the hint on Twitter is probably as good a hint as any fan of those games is likely going to get.

It will also be signaling a brief turn away from the usual Need For Speed fare of high-performance sports cars and more into the same philosophy of the Underground games, which focused more on the import scene of highly-modified Japanese cars.

Considering the reception of the last two games, Need For Speed: Payback and Need For Speed: Heat, which both got mixed (albeit positive) reviews, it’s also possible Criterion wants to try and play on nostalgia to get good reviews by remaking/remastering Need For Speed Underground.

If they can keep the same spirit that was in the original game, they may succeed, to say nothing of not squandering goodwill by putting loot boxes into the game. Either way, we’ll have to see what comes of it when they actually announce that Need For Speed Underground is coming back.