Four New Harry Potter Domains Registered For Fandome Event

Warner Brothers has apparently established four new Harry Potter domains online in preparation for a Harry Potter Fandome event. It’s possible that Warner Bros is readying the websites for a sort of D23-like event, possibly focused around the blockbuster franchise and dealing not just with movies, but also games and other content.

The four domains that have been leaked included two for “Wizarding World” and “Harry Potter” Fandomes, along with one for Fantastic Beasts and one for Portkey Games. Fandome is a website where groups can host virtual experiences, allowing people to “attend” conventions without leaving their homes.

While we have no idea of what we might actually see at the event, all of the domain games do at least give us a few hints. Fantastic Beasts getting a Fandome for instance might point us towards a third Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie being announced after the last released in 2018.

Portkey Games is a mobile game developer that specializes in Harry Potter games, but there’s also the possibility that we’ll learn more about the long-rumored Harry Potter Triple-A game that was supposedly leaked several weeks ago.

It’s likely all four of the different Harry Potter domains will be used in the Fandome event, but we still have no idea of what’s even going to be mentioned in them aside from what’s already in the domain name, and we don’t have any idea of when the event will happen, either.

Warner Bros has already made mention of a DC Fandome event, likely focusing around DC comics and possibly new movies and games, that will be coming on August 22. No mention has been made of a Harry Potter event however, though the domain names are there.

We’ll likely see sometime in the future when the Harry Potter domains actually get used, but until then all we can do is wait and hope for some new information from the franchise.