Valorant Patch Notes 1.02 To Add Rated Competitive Mode

Riot Games released an update for Valorant just last week but the next patch 1.02 is what many players have been strongly anticipating. The upcoming update will presumably bring a few much-needed features and improvements, some of which the developer has already confirmed. While the official patch notes for the next update will not be rolled out for at least another week, Riot Games has already started noting what players should be getting ready for.

Taking to Twitter earlier in the week, game director Joe Ziegler confirmed that the competitive mode for Valorant will be deployed sometime next week. The same update, which should be patch 1.02, will also add a toggle option so that players can switch between running and walking. Ziegler pointed out that Riot Games will be readying patch 1.02 within the week and ensuring that the update is safe to go live for the entire community.

Furthermore, patch 1.02 will be fixing the Sovereign Ghost skin issue so that players can purchase the skin for levels 2-7, which currently remains disabled. There have been several reported bugs in Valorant, some old and some newly discovered. Riot Games should be squashing most of them with the next update as well. The more problematic issues such as Valorant crashing to desktops, frame-rates dipping here and there, are what players hope will be addressed soon.

Elsewhere, executive producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon confirmed last week that a surrender feature is being internally tested for Valorant. She noted that there are certain complexities tied up with the surrender feature and hence, Riot Games needs more time. In other words, the feature will likely not roll out with patch 1.02.

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