Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Takes A Lot From Breath of the Wild

Along with many other games, we finally got news of the future of the Horizon Zero Dawn series when Guerrilla Games unveiled a Horizon Forbidden West trailer. Now, several days later, some people are noticing that the trailer apparently took a lot of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda.

Specifically, the trailer appears to take inspiration for a few shots from the trailer for Breath of the Wild. While it’s unlikely this was intentional (at last, unless it was an homage or something), the scenes do help to showcase the stakes.

Various shots that some fans recognized from the Breath of the Wild trailer included the final shot of Aloy readying her bow, an establishing shot of the ocean, Aloy free-climbing up a high cliff, and riding a horse along a beach.

Such shots are hardly unique to any open-world game, but it’s possible that the Horizon Forbidden West trailer did it intentionally, considering the similarities between the two games. Both take place in what is essentially post-apocalyptic fantasy, after a great evil nearly wiped out civilization.

Both feature characters who are renowned for using bows with a variety of trick arrows at their disposal, and in their most recent games fought against robots that had been corrupted and made to destroy everything around them.

While Guerrilla likely isn’t saying anything, it’s likely that a big portion of Horizon’s trailer was to give shout-outs to Breath of the Wild, especially since that game also had a sequel announced last year (even if no news has been heard since then.)

You can watch the Horizon Forbidden West trailer by following this link. If you’d like to see exactly how much is taken from the Breath of the Wild trailer, you can watch the Breath of the Wild trailer at the same time.