Fortnite Event Ends Season By Flooding The Whole Map

The in-game Fortnite event that was supposed to end the previous season has apparently resulted in the destruction of the game’s whole map, after the experiment that the entire season had been building up to apparently went wrong somehow. Either way, it provided a cool way to start off this season too.

After being delayed several times due to various technical issues or, most recently, the outbreak of protests against police brutality beginning around the world in response to a case in the United States, the event finally went down today.

The season event for Fortnite apparently revolved around a man named Midas, who worked for a spy agency simply called the Agency. On the island in the center of the Fortnite map, a machine was built that was apparently attempting to harness the power of the in-game storm.

The device harnessed it alright, but apparently not in the way Midas, or even players, predicted what happened next. The device started to gather power (lifting players into the air in the process) and apparently quickly teleported players into an office and then around several different versions of the game map.

Exactly what all this means isn’t immediately clear, especially since now with the Fortnite event over there’s a giant wall of water apparently surrounding the game’s island. But the event was at least quite popular; even Donald Mustard, Epic Games’ creative director, couldn’t get in.

What we do know is that in the scenes where players are teleported into an office, the storm is mentioned, along with mention of some kind of loop, likely meaning a time loop where the same sequence of events will happen repeatedly.

We’ll likely have to wait for the Fortnite event of the current season to begin counting down to even begin to understand what happened with this event, but either way it’s likely Epic will end the new season on just a big of a bang as the old one. Fortnite’s new season will begin on Thursday.