Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 Black & Special Editions; Kind Of

Just like when the new DualSense was revealed, everyone wants to know if PlayStation 5 will launch with a full-on black finish. Both the wireless controller and console have only been announced in a single color combination: a black chassis surrounded by a white shell. Those who are still inquiring about additional color variants can thankfully keep their expectations high.

Taking to LinkedIn on the weekend, PlayStation’s vice president of UX design Matt MacLaurin stated that fans can look forward to several special editions, including the much-requested matte (or even glossy) black finish, down the road. He also noted that Sony Interactive Entertainment has designed PlayStation 5 to be “customizable in ways previous generations (consoles) were not.” The implication being that not only Sony but modders will also have a great time in painting and brushing the console for all sorts of custom designs.

You will definitely be seeing special editions. This is also customizable in ways previous gens weren’t.

PlayStation 5 went with a futuristic console design with plenty of curves. Twin white panels cover a black body with a blue internal light that runs across the console similar to the DualSense design. While no one has been able to get a hands-on, many have theorized that the two sandwiching white panels will be removable. Furthermore, doing that should give modders access to the internal lighting, meaning that a PlayStation 5 running RGB lighting could be possible in the next generation.

Sony has called it a “bold, daring, and forward-future facing” concept that will be hard to ignore when placed in the living room. Perhaps that was exactly what Sony wanted, a console design that doesn’t tries to blend into the environment.

There will be two different PlayStation 5 models to choose from at launch where one of them, dubbed as the digital edition, will forego a disc drive. Those who go with the standard edition though, which features a 4K Blu-ray drive, will be able to run all of their old PlayStation 4 discs without any issues.

Both PlayStation 5 variants will launch worldwide during the holiday season at the end of the year. Sony is not ready to discuss pricing, at least not yet. The digital edition will obviously be a bit more affordable than the standard edition. Safely assume a lower price tag by $50 since Microsoft did a similar pricing with the Xbox One S all-digital edition last year.

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