PlayStation 5 Takes “Milliseconds Across Entire UI,” Dashboard Reveal Coming Soon

Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed the new PlayStation 5 startup screen and related animation during its recent digital event. The reveal though stopped short of showing off the new user interface (UI) and dashboard.

Taking to LinkedIn on the weekend, PlayStation’s vice president of UX design Matt MacLaurin confirmed that Sony will “soon” be revealing the new UI of PlayStation 5 which is “a 100 percent overhaul” of the current UI of PlayStation 4. He added that the new UI uses “some very different new concepts” and was designed to be “practical” first and foremost. MacLaurin also teased that PlayStation 5 uses “a whole new visual language” as a UI and for that matter, the current UI had to go through a “complete re-architecting” from the ground up.

While pointing out that “very few pixels” are left from the PlayStation 4 UI, MacLaurin stated that in terms of functionality, a user can navigate across the entire PlayStation 5 UI in a matter of milliseconds.

It appears that next-generation users will no longer have to wait for tiles to load while scrolling through their library. The same goes for current-generation users suffering from lag while switching folders or panels. Considering how MacLaurin emphasized practicality, it can also be presumed that the PlayStation 5 UI will not have users jumping through multiple menus to reach their desired destination.

Elsewhere, MacLaurin went ahead to confirm that fans can look forward to several PlayStation 5 special editions, including the much-requested matte (or even glossy) black finish, down the road. He stated that Sony has designed PlayStation 5 to be “customizable in ways previous generations (consoles) were not.” The implication being that not only Sony but modders will also have a great time in painting and brushing the console for all sorts of custom designs.

There will be two different PlayStation 5 models to choose from at launch where one of them, dubbed as the digital edition, will forego a disc drive. Those who go with the standard edition though, which features a 4K Blu-ray drive, will be able to run all of their old PlayStation 4 discs without any issues.

Both PlayStation 5 variants will launch worldwide during the holiday season at the end of the year. Sony is not ready to discuss pricing, at least not yet. The digital edition will obviously be a bit more affordable than the standard edition. Safely assume a lower price tag by $50 since Microsoft did a similar pricing with the Xbox One S all-digital edition last year.

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