Gran Turismo Graphics Comparison Video Compares 7 Vs Sport

Gran Turismo 7 was officially unveiled at the Playstation 5 launch event last week, and with the game being made as a Playstation 5 exclusive, YouTuber Cycu1 has decided to make a Gran Turismo graphics comparison video to show off the differences between Gran Turismo 7 and Gran Turismo Sport, which released in 2017.

Sport was the latest game to come out for the Gran Turismo series, and as such the move from Playstation 4 to Playstation 5 represents quite the jump. Considering the much greater capabilities of the Playstation 5, the comparison video does a good job of showing it off.

Even in the very first section of the video, you can already tell that Gran Turismo 7 looks better in every way, not something that can be easily said in a genre where a huge part of the appeal is making cars look as glamorous as possible.

In the Gran Turismo graphics comparison video, you can see that there’s a huge amount of lighting improvements in Gran Turismo 7 compared to Gran Turismo Sport. The car being shown off, the Aston Martin DB11, has better reflections in the Gran Turismo 7 footage, and also has stronger colors, even though it’s grey.

This also extends to exterior lighting as well, as a race on a track at sunset has much better lighting in Gran Turismo 7 than in Sport. Much like with the Aston Martin, colors are also deeper and more striking, helping the cars to really pop.

Even the heads-up displays of the cars you drive look better in the Gran Turismo graphics comparison video, as they’re well-lit and fully visible to the player instead of being more muted like in Gran Turismo Sport.

If you want to see how Gran Turismo 7 will look in comparison to Gran Turismo Sport, you can see the video for yourself by following this link. Gran Turismo 7 will be releasing exclusively on the Playstation 5 at some point in the future.