Demon’s Souls Graphics Comparison Shows Difference Between Old And New

A Demon’s Souls remake from Bluepoint Games was one of the many different games shown at the Playstation 5’s reveal event last night, and now at least one person has decided to make a Demon’s Souls graphics comparison video, showing off the original game compared to the remake’s promotional screenshots.

Immediately we can see all of the differences, not just in the general graphics but also in the way that the remake is constructed. To start off with, the lighting in the remake is better, being a more subdued and foggy blue color instead of the urine-yellow filter that was over a significant portion of it.

This also extends to other things like lighting and shadows (particularly in the remake’s version of Vanguard, which now actually looks scary instead of like a fat goofy monster with really bad teeth), and weather effects such as in the fight with the Storm King.

Textures in the Demon’s Souls graphics comparison video can also be seen to have been touched up. Formerly blurry-looking textures on such bosses as the Tower Knight now look a great deal more detailed and solid, with a larger amount of embellishments.

Environments are also a great deal more detailed and more built-up. The tutorial castle level, for instance, is much more sprawling and at the same time more run-down, looking much more like a ruined castle. that the player just happened to amble through.

If anything, the video shows that the Bluepoint Remake is giving Demon’s Souls the ability to fit that portrait of ruined glory that the original game tried but couldn’t really accomplish properly due to the Playstation 3’s limitations, with more detail and better lighting all around.

You can watch the Demon’s Souls graphics comparison video by following this link. The game has no set release window yet, but will be releasing exclusively on the Playstation 5.