Deathloop Multiplayer Gameplay Lets You Ruin Other Peoples’ Days

Last night, Arkane Studios finally got to show off some gameplay of its upcoming title Deathloop, which had previously been announced at E3 2019. Now, the studio has gone into a bit more detail on Deathloop multiplayer gameplay, including how the conflict between the two leads can be shaped by invaders.

Much like other games with this type of multiplayer such as Doom Eternal and Dark Souls, Deathloop multiplayer revolves around players hunting down the protagonist Colt in order to prevent him from accomplishing his mission of killing eight people before midnight to stop a time loop.

While ordinarily Colt’s archnemesis Blake will be computer-controlled (and still can be if you turn off the option for invaders), invading players will also be able to take control of her in order to try and cancel Colt’s most recent loop themselves.

Even though Colt has his own time-warping powers in the demo, Deathloop multiplayer gameplay gives Blake her own set of abilities, such as being able to disguise herself as an NPC. Along with that, Blake also has every other inhabitant of Blackreef (the game’s setting) on her side, leaving Colt outnumbered.

Considering that in order to win the game, the person playing as Colt has to take out eight different targets in a single run, it’s likely that you’ll be running into Blake a great many times, and she may restart your run every single time you encounter her.

If worrying about invaders isn’t your style, however, there’s also the option to simply allow the computer to play Blake, though if you’re looking for a challenge then a player-controlled Blake might be more your speed.

We don’t have any ideas on exactly when Deathloop will come out, and hopefully when it does the Deathloop multiplayer gameplay will help Arkane make another smash hit. The game will be coming out on Playstation 5 as a timed exclusive.