Bluepoint Remake Adds Demon’s Souls Fractured Mode, No Details Yet

One of the multiple bombshells dropped last night for Playstation 5 games included a remake of From Software’s first Souls title, Demon’s Souls. According to the game’s trailer on YouTube, the Demon’s Souls remake, in addition to better graphics, will also include a Demon’s Souls Fractured mode, though no details have followed.

Demon’s Souls first came out in 2009, 11 years ago, and served as the precursor to the Dark Souls series and the Soulsborne genre as a whole. While generally seen as inferior to the Dark Souls games, the Bluepoint remake has a great deal of potential to be something even better than the original.

Of course, that still leaves us with no idea of what “Fractured Mode” is. Demon’s Souls had the normal invasion mechanic of phantoms invading another player’s game in order to kill them and take their souls, but the Demon’s Souls Fractured Mode might be something entirely different.

We can’t, of course, actually understand what it might be until Bluepoint elaborates, but hopefully it will be something that fits in with the style of Demon’s Souls. While it might be something invasion-related, it could also be taking a leaf from Dark Souls 3’s playbook.

While Dark Souls 3 had the usual invader mechanic that some had, one piece of DLC also added in an actual PVP arena for players to take part in, allowing PVP to be somewhat regulated. The Demon’s Souls Fractured mode may be something like that, but again we know nothing yet so it could be something entirely different.

There’s no indication of a release date for the Demon’s Souls remake either, so hopefully in the time between the game being announced and the actual release date, Bluepoint will give us more details on what all the game will entail that’s different from the original.

Demon’s Souls will be coming out exclusively on the Playstation 5.