Even Some First-Party Studios Don’t Know What Playstation 5 Console Looks Like

We’re getting closer and closer to Playstation finally unveiling the new Playstation 5 to the world, but the road to get here has been rather odd, even for the developers that are making games for the console. Some of them apparently don’t even know what the Playstation 5 console really looks like.

Playstation has been keeping the entire thing under fairly tight wraps for months now, despite us having previously seen what the console’s developer kits look like months ago. The only hint we’ve gotten is a patent sketch that might not even be accurate, alongside one 4chan leak that said it looked ugly.

The only thing about the Playstation 5 that we know for sure is the console’s DualSense controller, which has gotten a lot of press lately for its design (which is drastically different from its preceding Dualshocks). Unlike the Xbox Series X, there’s no console to go with it.

While this sort of situation isn’t that important when you take into consideration that Playstation will be unveiling the Playstation 5 console tomorrow (along with, hopefully, no small amount of games), it’s still surprising that even devs don’t know what the console looks like.

Even though video games aren’t developed on the actual consoles themselves, hence the use of dev kits, you would think that in first-party studios developing Playstation 5 games that they would know what the actual machine looks like.

Then again, it’s likely that Sony is deliberately being coy in order to contain as many leaks as possible. While this hasn’t worked perfectly, the fact that there’s still all of this mystery about it does at least show that it’s working pretty well.

The reveal of the Playstation 5 console will be happening tomorrow, June 11, at 1 PM Pacific Time, so be sure to tune in if you want to see it and the games it will have for yourself.