Satisfactory Vehicles Guide

In Satisfactory you regularly need to transport different resources throughout the world. Manual transport of raw materials and cargo is a tiresome time-consuming work. In this Satisfactory Vehicles Guide, we will tell you how to unlock vehicles, and hot use them to transport your raw materials.

Satisfactory Vehicles

The first vehicle will be unlocked when you purchase the Tier 3 upgrade. From now on, you can build the entire basic transport infrastructure and build your first vehicle.

Vehicles will provide a fast mean to transport a large amount of cargo.

Types of Vehicles

There are 6 vehicles that engineers can use to travel and transport items: Tractors, Explorers, Trucks, Cyber Wagons, Factory Carts and Trains.

There is no cap on the number of vehicles in the world. Engineers and all living creatures can be run over by vehicles, dealing no damage to the target.

Being an early game vehicle, the tractor is ideal for automated transportation of items before gaining access to the truck.

It also has an integrated Workbench at the rear.

The Explorer is an all-terrain vehicle unlocked through the M.A.M. Quartz research. It is faster and more agile compared to both Tractor and Truck and has improved drifting capabilities.

It has 24 inventory slots. The explorer grips or grapples the terrain, allowing it to climb steep surfaces and handles rough terrain well.

The Truck is unlocked at Tier 5. It is a 6-wheeled vehicle that can be used to transport large amounts of cargo over land.

It is faster, more powerful, more reliable, and has double storage capacity compared to the tractor.

Cyber Wagon
It can be unlocked in the AWESOME Shop for 20 Coupons after a single Coupon has been fed into the AWESOME Sink.

Its inventory is located behind the vehicle. It has a single inventory slot in addition to a fuel slot. Its cargo lacks an openable cover animation.

Due to its square wheels, it’s a very inefficient vehicle. But the cyber wagon gets launched at a very high distance when driven on a launchpad.

Factory Carts
It is a vehicle used for transport of Engineers within factories.

Its special Grip Wheels ensure swift speedup and braking at the cost of insane drift on an uneven surface. It requires no fuel to work.

The Electric Locomotive is a vehicle used to transport cargo and engineers along the Railway. Connected Freight Cars can be loaded/unloaded via Freight Platforms.

The Electric Locomotive can be automated, by setting a list of Train Stations for it to stop at. Multiple cargo freight cars and locomotives can be chained together to form a single train.

The train is currently the fastest vehicle in-game, capable of reaching over 365km/h downhill, allowing for efficient long-range resource transportation.


Wheeled vehicles require fuel items to operate, and are not picky as to what qualifies as fuel.

Different fuel items are consumed at different rates, based on what item is used as well as which vehicle. Following are the different types of fuels in the game:

  • Leaves
  • Fabric
  • Mycelia
  • Wood
  • Flower petals
  • Biomass
  • Alien organs
  • Alien carcass
  • Coal
  • Packaged liquid biofuel
  • Packaged heavy oil residue
  • Solid biofuel
  • Packaged oil
  • Compacted coal
  • Packaged fuel
  • Color cartridge
  • Packaged turbofuel
  • Battery nuclear residue

In order to properly utilise the vehicles, you need to keep the following things in mind.

You can both drive the vehicles yourself, or use autopilot to have AI drive it for you while you take care of other tasks.

For the AI to drive, you need to plan routes and build stations at points of interests.

Route Planning
If you want to create a fixed route, you must first build a Truck Station. This is a building that will automatically unload or load each vehicle.

If there is any type of fuel in the building, the vehicle should automatically refill its tank. If you turn on the vehicle menu (by default the C button when driving), you have several options at your disposal.

You can turn on the autopilot, but as long as the vehicle has no route, it will not be driven anywhere. If you turn on the recording option, the vehicle will remember the route you are driving along and then try to play it back.

In the meantime, you can press pause if you have to break away from the route design for a while.

Route Selection
It is best to avoid narrow roads, numerous obstacles and difficult crossings. Otherwise, your vehicle may get lost or your journey time may be longer.

You can make stops the vehicle will wait the same amount of time. If you don’t like the project or you want to create a new one, just select the bin option.

Even though vehicles are fast methods of transport and that they can run over many creatures and sometimes, even over foliage, Engineers in them are NOT immune. You may get hurt or receive damage in the following conditions:

  • Engineers can receive fall damage in a vehicle if the vehicle falls from a height. This results in the engineer getting thrown away from the vehicle. To avoid damage, the engineer can exit the vehicle just before reaching the ground.
  • Wheeled vehicles can receive minor damage when hit by a Spitter’s fireball attack. When the HP of the vehicle depleted to zero, the vehicle is dismantled.
  • Engineers in vehicles can receive poison damage from Poison Gas, regardless if they are wearing a Gas mask or not.

Even with all this, the engineer is completely immune to radiation while riding any vehicle. Keep in mind that this only counts for wheeled-vehicles. When using the railway, the engineer is COMPLETELY immune to any hazards.

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