Riot Games’ Exec Ron Johnson Under Investigation For George Floyd Post

Riot Games is the victim of controversy once again due to the actions of its higher-echelon staff, in this case a senior executive Ron Johnson, who made a post on Facebook detailing the criminal history of George Floyd. Floyd had previously been killed during an altercation with police weeks ago.

The post, which does admit that Floyd’s killing needs to be investigated, also went into some detail on the criminal history of the man, with a caption that said “The media and the left have made George Floyd into a martyr, but who was he really?”

What followed includes Floyd’s various stints in prison for a variety of charges, including an accusation that at the time of his death he was high on methamphetamines and getting ready to drive in a car. What really makes the post controversial, however, is the final part of the caption.

The last caption of Ron Johnson’s post says Floyd was getting ready to drive a car and “…possibly kill your kid. Too bad the pregnant woman didn’t have a gun.” Riot Games has since repudiated the post, saying it goes against the company’s values (though considering its past we might take that statement with a grain of salt.)

Johnson only started at the company in December after Riot was the subject of some controversy for a toxic work culture that included misogyny and racism, so a senior executive once again acting like this is definitely not a way to get the studio back into gamers’ good graces.

Thankfully the thoughts of Ron Johnson are not those at Riot Games, who last week announced they would be donating a million dollars to fight the same sort of systemic racism that was responsible for Floyd’s death and which has caused protests to spring up all around the United States. Whether Johnson’s job is still secure after this debacle though, remains to be seen.