Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Update 1.22 Is Out, Season 4

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare has received some important updates in the form of Update 1.22. This patch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You will see that Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Update 1.22 is a massive patch, as the download and install size is around 32 GB on PS4. This patch finally brings Season 4 to life and includes weapon mastery challenges. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Update 1.22.

Weapon Mastery Challenges

Once you’ve unlocked Gold for a weapon, Mastery Challenges become available. There’s 8 Challenges per weapon, each granting their own rewards, with 4 Playercards and 4 Emblems up for grabs. You’ll need to make your way through 2 Kill Challenges, 2 Headshot Challenges, and 4 additional Challenges that must be done in order (Gold, Platinum, Damascus, Obsidian). Completing all challenges for 51 weapons unlocks a badass special Sticker and Playercard!

Warzone In-Match Events

Events can occur during Warzone matches and have an impact on the strategy and approach to gameplay. Events can happen in any given match without advance notice. When they happen events will always occur mid-game. E.g. after the first drop kit and before the Gulag closes.

Only one event type will occur in a given match thanks to this Call Of Duty Modern Warfare patch, so familiarize yourself with three new event types, available at the start of Season 4 – ‘Jailbreak’, ‘Fire Sale’, and ‘Supply Chopper’.

Contraband Contract System

Contraband is a new, rare contract with a permanent Blueprint Reward. Contraband contracts have a chance to spawn after a previous contract is completed. If you see the briefcase, hurry up and collect it. Once you have it, take it to the designated Helicopter Extraction location to call in the helicopter.

The player carrying the briefcase must deposit it into the helicopter drop-bag to complete the mission. If you kill a player carrying this briefcase you can steal it complete the contract for your team. Be on the lookout for them on your Tac Map!

Recently, the developers released another important patch for the game. You will find that Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Update 1.21 was also quite a large patch, as the download and install size was around 21 GB on PS4, 31 GB on Xbox One, and 26 GB on PC. Something else that stood out is that they added a new Gunfight map: Aisle 9, and a new Multiplayer map: Hardhat.

Here you will find the complete list of all Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Update 1.22, Season 4 patch notes. I remind you that Activision and Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare released on October 25 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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