Master Rahool Selling Previous Season Destiny 2 Exotics Before Big Changes

Just this morning Bungie announced all of the various changes that it would be making to Destiny 2, including the rotating out of content to help the game run smoother. Just to make sure players won’t miss out on any good guns however, Master Rahool is currently selling every previous season’s exotic.

This was revealed via a post on the Destiny 2 subreddit, which also says that you can apparently buy the weapons for the cost of an item called an Exotic Cypher, which you might want to do your best to try and earn.

Destiny 2 requires a great deal of commitment, and considering the divisive reception that past seasons have gotten due to their over-reliance on grinding mechanics, many people may have taken breaks from the game for a while, missing out on possible exotics in the process.

In this instance though, you’re going to probably want to jump back into the game in order to pick these guns up, especially if you’ve been taking an extended break. Bungie had previously said that the starting planets in Destiny 2 would be getting rotated out.

This is happening to relieve stress on the game so that Bungie will have fewer issues with bugs and player rollback further down the road, especially in this season’s Destiny 2 Exotics quest about Felwinter’s Lie that necessitated an update to make it less monotonous.

Considering all of the planets that will be leaving and taking their quests with them, this is probably your best bet to try and get the Exotic weaponry that you missed over a break or if you weren’t able to finish their quests before this point.

The different Destiny 2 exotics that are available are the bow Leviathan’s Breath, the hand cannon Eriana’s Vow, the kinetic fusion rifle Bastion, the scout rifle Symmetry, and the sidearm Devil’s Ruin. If you haven’t gotten any of these, you might want to try and get enough currency to buy at least one before the next expansion hits and you possibly lose out on them.