Indie Dev Raredrop Talks About Indie Challenges, PS5 Power Difference and More

Raredrop Games was founded back in 2015 by Josh Regan and have shipped Classy Quest and To The Throne for iOS devices through its years. We had the chance to talk with Regan and get some answers about his upcoming project, Warborn as well as his view on next-gen consoles and crossplay.

Q: Let’s start with the studio introduction. What’s the story behind Raredrop and how many people are working for it?

Raredrop Games is an indie game studio based in the UK. I’m actually the only employee, though I’ve collaborated with a number of other people on my games.

Q: Let’s talk about Warborn. The game is coming on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Which of these platforms is the most developer-friendly? Will the Nintendo Switch version feature any exclusive features?

I’d say all of those platforms are developer-friendly in their own way, I don’t think I could single out any particular one. With Warborn being supported across so many platforms, having feature parity wherever possible felt really important. So no Switch-exclusive features, sorry!

Q: With so many turn-based games both casual and hardcore out there, how does Warborn standout?

Getting the balance right for newcomers and hardcore players was definitely a challenge. Ensuring players could understand how to play without having to learn too much was important but I think there’s enough depth with some of the more advanced game mechanics to keep hardcore players entertained too. Warborn is very much inspired by ’90s mecha anime and the visuals hopefully reflect that! I don’t think there are that many turn-based games featuring mecha out there and the art style in the game is particularly distinctive.

Q: Are you planning to bring your game to mobile platforms?

No plans for mobile versions at the moment.

Q: As an Indie developer, what challenges do you think big companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony should address for the indie industry to flourish?

I think one of the biggest challenges that all indies face is visibility. It’s not an easy problem to solve but hopefully, we’ll see more improvements to digital storefronts to help players discover indie games they might enjoy.

Q: How do you think the next-generation of consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X) will affect the indie gaming scene?

Really difficult to say at this point but I’d like to think we’ll see even more interesting and ambitious indie titles with the new generation of consoles.

Q: On paper, PS5 is weaker (1.8 Tflops) than Series X. Do you think this power difference is going to matter?

It really comes down to how individual games are utilizing the console hardware so I expect it won’t make that much of a difference.

Q: What’s your stance about crossplay? Is it easy for an indie dev (certification wise) to implement crossplay between different platforms (Sony and Microsoft for instance)?

Crossplay is great, we have it in Warborn for online multiplayer (PC, Xbox One, and Switch). I can’t speak for other indie developers as I think it really depends on how the game is made. For me, it was a lot of work in terms of actual programming but all of the platform holders were very helpful in explaining what was required in each case.

Q: Sony is laying a lot of emphasis on its SSD for PS5. Do you think it’s more advanced than the regular ones available for PCs (as claimed by Tim Sweeney)?

Yeah, I’m looking forward to finding out more about the PS5! I think we’ll have to wait and see but I have confidence that Sony is making some great technology for the next generation of consoles.

You can find Raredrop Games on Twitter and Youtube as well as follow their latest news on the official website. As for Warborn, the game releases on Steam, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on June 12th.