Every Playstation 5 Rumor and Leak for Reveal Event, How Many Will Come True?

Sony will finally be unveiling the Playstation 5 for real on June 11, this coming Thursday, where we will finally see exactly how many of the large amount of Playstation 5 leaks and rumors will actually turn out to be true. There’s a large number of them, so we’ll go through a few here.

While the Playstation 5 has already had its specs revealed in the original reveal event, we only know the specifications of it. We have no idea of what the console actually looks like, what its price will be, what games will be on it to start, or anything else.

While various leaks and rumors have popped up (including one on 4chan from a supposed insider who called it ugly), there hasn’t been anything concrete. For instance, at least one analyst has said that the Playstation 5 will be priced at $499, the same launch price as the Xbox One back in 2013. Others say it may be priced at nearly $600.

The price point, according to Bloomberg, isn’t that surprising; according to them the console is fairly expensive to produce at around $450 each, so them having to upsell it to make a profit would likely cause the console’s price to go up to around that number, or even higher.

Some of the Playstation 5 rumor and leak information also gives us some frame of reference to go on in the form of the DualSense controller, which was unveiled several weeks ago and likely points to how the actual Playstation 5 console will look.

So far we’ve only seen the dev kits for the console, which no matter what console you’re looking at never appear to really look like the real thing. A previous 4chan leak had called the console ugly, but aside from at least one other leaked patent image on Twitter we have no idea of what it will look like.

It will obviously share design similarities with the actual controller, which is white in color and fairly smooth and curved, unlike the Playstation 4 controller and every other variant of the controller before it. The leaked patent image appears to show a more triangular-looking Playstation 5, but again it’s only one possibility of what the console might look like.

Of course, with every new console generation there also comes the most important question of all: the games. We have no idea of what sort of games that Playstation will be putting out on the Playstation 5, though we’ve obviously heard rumors about what they’ll actually be.

Some of the games we’ve heard about include a new Ratchet and Clank, game, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, a remake of Demon’s Souls, Gran Turismo 7, a reboot of Silent Hill, a remaster of Insomniac’s Resistance games, a reboot of the SOCOM games, and a remaster of Bloodborne.

While Bloodborne and Horizon Zero Dawn were two of the Playstation 4’s biggest games, and the Resistance trilogy was a popular series in its own right, we haven’t heard anything about any of the Playstation 5 games, though a poll put out on Twitter some time ago did hint as to what sort of games we may see by asking what players would want.

While there have been hints as to a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel as well, none of the other games that we’ve seen have been officially confirmed, a number of them also coming from various Playstation 5 leaks and rumors across the internet.

There’s also the possibility that games that are being released close to the Playstation 5’s launch date, such as The Last Of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima, will also be be ported to the new console, though that hasn’t necessarily been confirmed yet.

That’s not even getting into backwards compatibility on the console, which has had a very confused history where no one outside of Playstation is really sure of what games will be made backwards compatible to the system.

Some people believe that only a select few of the Playstation 4’s most popular games will be made backwards compatible on the console, while others are saying that there will be thousands of available games reaching all the way back to the original Playstation console.

And as for the last of the Playstation 5 leaks and rumors, we have the all-important release date. Both the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X have said that they’ll be releasing at various points in the holiday period of this year, meaning the months around Christmas and New Years.

Sony has repeatedly said since the Covid-19 pandemic began that the disease will not impact the Playstation 5’s release date, but we still don’t have a concrete release date for it. Some people are saying November, but there’s also the possibility that it could be later.

Most of these rumors actually feel somewhat plausible when other evidence is taken into account: the price point would be the most evident one, but Playstation has also brought up clarification statements for the backwards compatibility question.

The games aspect is a bit more muddied, especially considering that nothing has been officially confirmed by any developers of certain games being remastered or being readied to port over to the Playstation 5 unless they’re specifically labeled as that sort of game.

With the Playstation 5 reveal event coming on Thursday, we’ll likely have a lot of these questions answered over the course of the event, or will be finding out in subsequent statements. Otherwise, keep on the lookout for any other information you can find about the Playstation 5. Just be sure to take it with a grain of salt until it’s been officially confirmed.