The Last of Us 2 Early Impressions Claim That It’s Full Of Feelings

It’s only 3 days before the reviews for The Last of Us Part II start popping up and we have some early impressions from players already finishing the game. One thing they have in common is the amount of impact the game has on their emotions. One player, in particular, says that the sequel to Naughty Dog’s classic gave him feel that no other digital entertainment source have given him before.

The early The Last of Us 2 Impressions we’re talking about come straight from Twitter. One user spotted a tweet by Twitter user @GermanStrands, stating his early opinion on the game. He says that TLOU2 has given him emotions no game, film, or comic ever given him. That’s a strong statement to make. What could it mean? He says:

However, this isn’t the first time we read The Last of Us 2 impressions claiming that it’s emotionally intense. Another early player, possibly the first one to tackle Survivor mode before the game’s release, says that it’s emotionally damaging in a unique way.

According to him, enemies will cry out for fallen comrades, mourn dogs you’ve killed, and more. And that’s only gameplay stuff. We don’t know about what emotions the story bares.

Remembering the first The Last of Us game is hard not to think about what it did to our emotional stability. The first hour of the game is probably the hardest thing we’ve had to play through ever. The last opening cutscene (you know which one we’re talking about) can crack even the hardest cookies. No wonder it’s rated as one of the most emotional scenes in video game history.

What are The Last of Us 2’s most intense scenes and what impressions will we have after playing the game? It’s only 10 days before the game releases officially and we’ll have a clear picture. Also, stay tuned for the full reviews storming the internet on June 12th. We can’t wait to see what the game’s final ratings will be. Are we looking at the Game of the Year right here?