NetherRealm Studios Next Game Won’t be Injustice 3?

At this point in its history, NetherRealm Studios is known for two series: The Mortal Kombat games that it pioneered, and the two Injustice games, fighting games involving DC superheroes in an alternate timeline. However, NetherRealm Studios’ next game might not be Injustice 3, according to an alleged leaker at the studio.

The leaker, who posted his statement on Reddit, claimed he worked for NetherRealm right before he tore into the subreddit he had posted on (the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit, to be exact) for believing various unsubstantiated rumors with no proof.

This included things like the Doom Slayer being a guest fighter in Mortal Kombat 11, along with John Wick, Michael Myers, and Deathstroke. He also said Injustice 3 would not be the studio’s next game, but did say there would be a Kombat Pack with three male characters and a fourth female character as “an unfortunate bystander.”

Alongside confirming that NetherRealm Studios’ next game wouldn’t be Injustice 3, the leaker also said that the Covid-19 pandemic hadn’t slowed them down much so any content coming to Mortal Kombat 11 wouldn’t be delayed. However, there isn’t any sort of ETA yet.

This may be disappointing for a lot of people, but considering Mortal Kombat 11 only recently got a new DLC, the Aftermath story, we really don’t have any room to talk. While the story mode may not keep you tided over forever, there still are a number of new characters that also come with it for you to try out.

We’ll likely get announcements of what fighters will be coming in that new Kombat Pack sometime in the next few months, though like the person themselves said we can’t be sure on an exact release date because of the pandemic and the havoc it’s wreaked on many game developers. Either way, hopefully whatever NetherRealm Studios’ next game is, it will be just as good