Huge Harry Potter RPG Leak Comes To Light, But How Much Is Actually True?

For a while now, the gaming world has been hearing a number of rumors about the possibility of a Harry Potter RPG coming out. While nothing has materialized yet, a recent Reddit post by a user named notexpectedbut has apparently released a huge Harry Potter RPG leak to the world.

While of course we have no idea if the leak is actually true or not, there have been hints that Avalanche Software, the studio behind Disney Infinity, has been working on the game since 2017. But, of course, we won’t have any official confirmation until the game is actually announced.

The game actually did get some footage leaked two years ago, but that footage was quickly removed. This might prove that the game actually exists, but since there’s no proof the leaker actually works for Warner Bros Marketing like he said, take it with a grain of salt.

According to the leak, the game, called “Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy”, is an RPG that allows players to create their own wizard or witch, right down to blood status (pure-blooded wizard, half-blood, or Muggle-born) and go through two years at Hogwarts, transferring there in your fifth year and going all the way to Seventh Year.

The Harry Potter RPG leak also says that this game will be a bit more mature than other Harry Potter games of the past, including romances (and love interests you can marry), and that the game is actually extremely dark and not meant for children.

You also won’t be seeing Harry, Ron, or Hermione, or any of their kids at the school either, as this is past all of their adventures as well. However, the antagonist is apparently a former Death Eater, so Voldemort’s influence is still felt in the game.

Each of the four houses, which you’ll be sorted into based on questions you’re asked during character creation, has their own questline. You can never, however, side with the villain. Along with the houses and their quest chains, the Harry Potter RPG leak talks about there being five different skill trees.

Combat is apparently a slow burn at first but will eventually get quite nuts, which is handy considering all of the different spells in the Harry Potter world. Quidditch can also be played in the game, and is quite detailed, too.

There’s way more in the Harry Potter RPG leak post that you can read here, but apparently the game is supposed to be shown off sometime before August, and will be releasing in June 2021. Again, all of this is hearsay right now until we actually get confirmation, so take this with a grain of salt.