Playstation 5 Reveal Event Set For June 11th

Update: The event has been officially confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Original Story
Sony has just announced the new date for the Playstation 5 reveal event which was supposed to be held on June 4th. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long before we see the console for the first time. The new date is June 11th, only a week after the initial reveal day.

The announcement comes from Twitch and makes the cycle of the internet right now, with an advertisement “leaking” the reveal event for Playstation 5. Several fans have posted online about the advertisement, making the poster as legit as it can. Sony Playstation hasn’t made an official announcement by the time this article is written. However, it’s only a matter of time before they do.

It makes complete sense for Sony to set the Playstation 5 reveal event on June 11th. It is exactly one week from the original day and comes right before the release of The Last of Us 2, which will keep players glued to their screens for a few days. Waiting for the TLOU2 hype to subside in order to reveal PS5 isn’t such a good call. Taking this under consideration, the Jube 11th date makes complete sense.

This will also most possibly be the day where Sony Interactive Entertainment announces Gran Turismo 7, or whatever the new GT title will be called. Only today, we got word of trademarks about the game being registered in Argentina. We don’t know what other games will be announced for Playstation 5 right now. This makes the anticipation even bigger.

What we mostly want to know though, is what the console looks like. Recent leaks wanted its design to follow the same pattern as that of its dev kit. It will be 3 days before we know if this is legit or not. In addition, the release date for the console is the biggest question right now, which will almost certainly be discussed upon during the event.

Make sure to watch the Playstation 5 reveal event on June 11th at 09:00 pm BST. You can watch the live stream on the official Playstation website and most likely Youtube and Twitch. We’ll know for sure as soon as Sony makes the official announcement.

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