Total War Saga Troy Will Be Released On Epic Store, Free On Launch Day

Creative Assembly announced earlier this week that their upcoming game Total War Saga Troy will be releasing on the Epic Games Store on August 13 of this year. The game will be coming to Steam this time in 2021, but until then any interested players will need to buy it on the Epic Store.

Alongside releasing it on the Epic Store, Creative Assembly has also decided to make the game free on its launch day, allowing any interested players to be able to pick up the game at no cost to them. Creative Assembly has also said, however, that subsequent Total War games will remain on Steam.

With that decision in mind, it’s something of a mystery as to why the game is coming to the Epic Store in the first place. While Epic’s timed exclusives can help developers break even on the game should their games not be successful, every Total War game has been very successful on release.

Then again, considering that Total War Saga Troy is part of the Saga series (intended to both be used as a testbed for mechanics for mainline Total War games and to be used for less-prominent historical periods), which are often not as commercially or critically successful, Creative Assembly may have put Troy on the Epic Store to ensure some kind of return on investment.

Troy has also proven to be somewhat controversial in terms of reception already, considering that the game is delving more into the historical side of the Trojan War means that we don’t get mythological units like actual cyclopes and minotaurs.

Exactly how Total War Saga Troy turns out will be a matter until it actually releases on August 13 on the Epic Games Store. While it will release for free at first, that offer is only valid on launch day, so you won’t have much time to take advantage of it.