Possible Playstation 5 Design Resembles V-Shaped Dev Kit

Sony Interactive Entertainment is keeping everyone on edge with the anticipation for PS5. The fact that we still have no clue when the reveal event will take place makes rumors run wild. A brand new one claims to include a possible final design for the Playstation 5. Interestingly, it follows a known pattern.

You’ll be bumped to find out that the source of the supposed Playstation 5 design comes from 4Chan. The source is the main hub for questionable rumors and a big portion of them turns out to be a fake. However, the design shown comes close enough to that of the dev kit, so that’s one thing to note. Whether this layout is legit or not is not yet clear. As with any rumor, you should take this one with a pile of salt. Here’s the screenshot:

This Playstation 5 design features the same V-shaped top, which acted as an air exit for the dev kit. The shape isn’t a clear rectangular with a visible slide towards the front. The disk insert sits on the front and a fan exit can be seen on the side. The big “button” on the top gives us some major Playstation 1 vibes. If this is a legit layout then we might be seeing Sony going back to its roots.

Of all the possible designs we’ve seen so far for the console, this comes as the least “stylish” one. Sony isn’t one to create such bulky consoles, which is another red flag for the image. The company follows a slick design for its consoles and it wouldn’t surprise us if this design is far from the original.

After Sony’s decision to postpone the reveal date, there’s no new date. In fact, Playstation’s Twitter page has been awfully silent over the past week. However, it won’t be more than a few weeks before we know what the design of Playstation 5 is. In addition, we’ll find out more about its features, like the possibility of it including a smart delivery system and its SSD capabilities. Stay tuned for more Playstation 5 news as they come.